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Who wrote "To the ladies"?
Mary Lady Chudleigh, gender
Who wrote Morning Song?
Sylvia Plath, gender
Who wrote Let menot to the marriage of true minds and Th'expense of spirit in a waste of shame?
Who wrote The Road not taken and stopping by the woods on a snowy evening
Robert Frost, classics
Who wrote I celebrate and sing myself
walt whitman, classics
Who wrote paper matches
Paultette Jiles, Gender
Who wrote The Negro Speaks of Rivers ad Harlem
Langston Hughes, race and class
Who wrote stop all the clocks cut off the telephone
W.H. Auden, Sex
Who wrote Sex without love?
Sharon Olds, sex
Who wrote the word plum?
Helen Chason, sex
Who wrote to the diaspora and we real cool?
Gwendolyn Brooks, race and class
Who wrote The Silence of women
Liz Rosenburg, gender
Who wrote whats that smell in the kitchen?
Marge Piercy, gender
Who wrote I go back to May 1937?
Sharon Olds, gender
Who wrote the second coming and leda and the swan?
W.B. Yeats, classics
Who wrote Dover beach?
matthew arnold, classic
who wrote to the daughter leaving home?
Linda Pastan
Who wrote How do I love thee?
elizabeth barret browning
Who wrote metrical feet
Samual Taylor Coleridge
Who wrote the novel the alchemist?
Paulo Coelho?
Who wrote the short story Sonnys Blues?
James Baldwin
Who wrote the short story the lady with the dog?
Anton Chekov
Who wrote the short story the most dangerous game?
Richard Connell
Who wrote the short story everything that rises must converge?
Flannery O'Conner
Who wrote the country husband?
John Cheever
Who wrote the story of an hour
Kate CHopin
Who wrote Happy Endings
Margarete Atwood
Who is the main character in the alchemist?
Why is Frankenstein entitled the modern prometheus?
was the Titan who created mankind, and Victor's work by creating man by new means obviously reflects that creative work. Prometheus was also the bringer of fire who took fire from heaven and gave it to man. Zeus then punished Prometheus by fixing him to a rock where each day a predatory bird came to devour his liver.
In this version Prometheus makes man from clay and water, again a very relevant theme to Frankenstein as Victor rebels against the laws of nature and as a result is punished by his creation.
For Romance era artists in general, Prometheus' gift to man compared with the two great utopian promises of the 18th century: the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution, containing both great promise and potentially unknown horrors.