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as, assis
m., an as, a small copper coin, comparable to a penny
auxilium, auxiliī
n., aid, help
digitus, digitī
m., finger, toe
elephantus, elephantī
m. and f., elephant
exsilium, exsiliī
n., exile, banishment
invidia, invidiae
f., envy, jealousy, hatred
rūmor, rūmōris
m., rumor, gossip
vīnum, vīnī
n., wine
mediocris, mediocre
ordinary, moderate, mediocre
conj. + subjunct., when, since, although;
conj. + indic., when
prep. + acc., among, in the presence or, at the house of
adv., a single time, once, once and for all, simultaneously
adv., all the way, up (to), even (to), continuously, always
doleō, dolēre, doluī, dolitūrum
to grieve, suffer; hurt, give pain
dormiō, dormīre, dormīvī, dormītum
to sleep
ferō, ferre, tulī, lātum
to bear, carry, bring; suffer, endure, tolerate; say, report
adferō, adferre, attulī, allātum
to bring to
cōnferō, cōnferre, contulī, collātum
to bring together, compare; confer, bestow;

sē cōnferre, idiom, to go, lit., to take/betake oneself
offerō, offerre, obtulī, oblātum
to offer,
referō, refferre, rettulī, relātum
to carry back, bring back; repeat, answer, report
invideō, invidēre, invīdī, invīsum
to be envious;
+ dat., to look at with envy, envy, be jealous of
occidō, occidere, occidī, occāsum
to fall down; die, set