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rel. adv. & conj., where, when
also interrog. adv & conj., where?
enclitic conj., and (appended to the second of two words to be joined)
conj., but
adv., there
deus, -i
m., god (voc. sg. deus, nom. pl. di, dat. & abl. pl. dis)
vester, vestra, vestrum
your, yours (pl. i.e. used in addressing more than one person, vs. tuus, -a, -um)
secundus, -a, -um
second; favourable
dea, -ae
f., goddess (dat. & abl. pl. deabus)
Graecus, -a, -um
Graecus, -i
adj. Greek
noun, m., a Greek
perpetuus, -a, -um
perpetual, everlasting, unending.
tyrannus, -i
m., absolute ruler, tyrant
liber, libri
m., book
salvus, -a, -um
safe, sound
vitium, -ii
n., fault, crime, vice
tolero, tolerare, toleravi, toleratum
to bear, endure
insidiae, -arum
f. pl., ambush, plot, treachery
discipula, -ae and discipulus, -i
f. & m., learner, pupil, student
adv., now, at present
plenus, -a, -um
full, abundant, generous
adv., (lit. because of which thing) therefore, wherefore, why
possum, posse, potui
to be able, can, could, have power