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praébeo, praebére, praebui, praebitum
to offer, provide
promitto, promittere, promisi, promissum
to send forth, promise
volo, velle, volui
to wish, want, be willing, will
longe, longius, longissme
far, farther or too far, farthest, very far
libere, liberius, liberrime
freely, more freely, most freely, very freely
pulchre, pulchrius, pulcherrime
beautifully, more beautifully, most beautifully
fortiter, fortius, fortissime
bravely, more bravely, most bravley
celeriter, celerius, celerrime
quick, more quickly, most quickly
acrite, acrius, acerrime
keenly, more keenly, most keenly
feliciter, felicius, felicissime
happily, more happily, most happily
sapienter, sapientius, sapientissime
wisely, more wisely, most wisely
facile, facilius, facillime
easily, more easily, most easily
bene, melius, optime
well, better, best
male, peius, pessime
badly, worse, worst
multum, plus, plurimum
much; more (quantity), most, very much
magnopere, magis, maxime
greatly; more (quality); most, especially
parum, minus, minime
little, not very (much); less; least
prius, primo or primum
before, earlier; first (in time), at first, first (in a series), in the first place
diu, diutius, diutissime
for a long time, longer, very long
custodia, custodiae
protection, custody; guards (pl)
exercitus, exercitus
paupertas, paupertatis
poverty, humble circumstances
dives, gen. divitis or ditis
par, gen. paris (+dat)
equal, like
pauper, gen. pauperis
of small means, poor
dummodo (+subj)
provided that, so long as
malo, malle, malui
to want (something) more, instead; prefer
nolo, nolle, nolui
to not...wish, be unwilling
pateo, patere, patui
to be open, lie open, be accessible, be evident