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For telling time on the hour, use (es) for one o'clock only.
Use (son) for all other times.
Es la una. (it's one o'clock)

Son las ocho. (it's eight o'clock)
To state the number of minutes past the hour, say the name of that hour plus (y) the number of minutes.
Es la una y diez. (It's 1:10)

Son las cuatro y cuatro. (It's quarter past four)
Son las cuatro y quince.
(It's 4:15)

Son las diez y media.
(It's half past 10:00)

Sonlas diez y trienta.
(It's 10:30)
To state the number of minutes before the coming hour, give the next hour less (menos) the number of minutes to go before that hour.
Es la una menos diez.
(It's 10 min til 1:00)

Son las nueve menos veinticinco.
(It's 35 min til 9:00)
To differentiate between hours in the morning, afternoon, and evening,use:
de la manana- in the morning

de la tarde- in the afternoon

de la noche- in the evening
12:00 noon

12:00 midnight
Es mediodia

Es medianoche