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American Revolution..from when to when?
Stamp Act in..?
Declaration of independence in?
colonies win indepedence, set up new gov. based on enlgihmetn principles with checks and blanace in what year?
French Consitution from what time to what time
1789( right when AR ended) to 1800
final phase of FR in what year?
1799-- one year before it all ends
Delaration of Rights of Man for FR in what year?
So..Napoloen Bon. goes to war w/ major Euorope powers. they get together to take N.B down. At Congress of Vienna in 1815; what their main goal?
to establihs monarchy in france
- what is not a liberal gain by Napoleon Bonaparte?
manhod suffrage
chartish movement
gov. regulate tech. devopments and promote edu.
Benjamin Disraeli
British conservative leader, 1867--granting vote to workign male
CCC- Coutn Camillo di Cavour
extend powers of parliament to please liberals
" i Count Liberals"
Ottom von Bismark
Pruissa prime minster- extend vote to all men, but categrized them in wealth
( rush to automatic wealth)
most important new uses of nationalism in west occured in
Italy and Germany
decline of what in 1870s led to fuller devolpment of industiral style state in west?
basic constiutional disputes