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1. _______ spoke out against Catholic doctrine. Martin Luther’s supporters were ___________.
2. ___________ by faith was Martin Luther’s belief that Christians could get to heaven only by faith.
3. __________was the belief that God knows in advance who will attain salvation and get to heaven.
4. was someone that went against Church doctrine
A heretic
5. were a group established to halt the growth of Protestantism.
The Jesuits
was the English ruler who founded the Church of England.
. Henry VIII
was responsible for the first full printing of the Bible
was the first member of the Bourbon dynasty to serve as king of France.
. Henry IV
was responsible for the massacre of French Protestants starting on St. Bartholomew’s Day in 1572.
Catherine de Medici
were the Austrian family who ruled the Holy Roman Empire after 1438.
The Hapsburgs
When ________ruled Spain. El Escorial was the name of his royal palace located outside of Madrid.
Philip II
_______were the ruling family of Prussia.
. The Hohenzollerns
______of Prussia maintained his power by building one of the finest armies in Europe.
Frederick William I