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Judaism started where?
Fertile Crescent
Three things about Abraham
1. founder of Judiasm, 2. father of Hebrew people, 3. covenant
Hebrew leader whose sons became known as the 12 tribes
Jacob (Isreal)
Lead hebrew out of Egypt and what is a word for that?
Moses, exodus
Beliefs about Judaism
1. monotheism 2. Isrealites were God's chosen people and had a message 3. 10 commandments
festiveal that commerates the store of the exodus
scattering of Jewish people out of their homeland
this religion was greatily diverse
Holy scriptures of Christianity are known as what?
The story of Jesus' life mainly comes from the what?
3 statements about the teachings of Christian faith
1. Jesus is the messiah 2. people should live by the golden rule 3. makind should love both God and neighbor
According to Jesus his mission was to...
bring salvation and eternal life to anyone who believe in him
christianity grew into a world religion due to what?
a missionary named Paul
The diciple that teached Christianity in rome was
The apostle that did the most of spreading of Jesus
3 Factors that encouraged the spread of Christianity
1. Pax Romana 2. good network of roads 3. common language
Romans disliked early Christians because why?
they feared they would disrupt political stability
Constantines edict of Milan ended because
Romes persecution of Christians
Christianity became the official religion in the Roman empire under who
The 3 major divisions of Christondom
1. Roman catholism 2. eastern orthodox 3. protectism
Monotheism is a common belief to what religions?
Judaism, christianity, and Islam
Arabia is the regions associated with
the founding of Islam
Muhammad was born in
the city of mecca
Before muhammad became the prophit of Islam he was a
Holy scriptures of Islam is the
Muslims believe in a change of prophets starting with Adam including Abraham, Moses, and Jesus but God's final message was revealed to the prophet of...
5 pillars of Islam
1. statement of faith 2. prayer 3. charity 4. fast 5. Hajj
The building in which Muslims pray
this is a sacred place of worship in mecca
Hegira refers to the time when
Mahamma left mecca for medina
After muhammads death in 632
the islamic faith continued to grow worldwide