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founded the Mogul Empire in India
Bayezid II "The Just"
consolidated Ottoman rule in the Balkans, Asia Minor, and the eastern Mediterranean, opposed the Safavid dynasty of Persia
Ferdinand and Isabella
their marriage united Spain, set up the Inquisition, expelled the Moors and Jews, conquered Granada from the Moslems, sponsored Columbus
Ivan III the Great
Grand Duke of Moscow, renounced the Golden Horde (Mongols) in 1480, became tsar and united Russia
around 1520 founded the Sikh faith, combining Hindu and Muslem beliefs
Selim I Yavuz
Ottoman Sultan that rebelled against his father and brothers, took control of the Ottoman Empire, and took over Syria and Egypt (1470-1520)
Suleiman I the Magnificent
1520-1566 brought the Ottoman empire to its strongest
Charles V
Holy Roman Empire, last attempt to revive the medieval universal empire before wars broke it apart in 1555
Ismail I
Shah of Persia, founded the Safavid dynasty (Shiite) that ruled 1501-1736. 1514 the Sunni Ottoman sultan Selim defeated him
Akbar the Great
1555-1605 ruled as the greatest Mogul Emperor of India, grandson of Babar, religious tolerance
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Japanese commander, overthrew the Daimyo, 1590 conquered all of Japan, tried to move through Korea to China but failed
Ivan IV the Terrible
finished removing the Tartar (mongols), opened Sibiria, strengthened empire, destroyed aristocratic opposition with bloody violence
Boris F. Godunov
became Tsar when the retarded son of Ivan IV, Fyodor, died without heirs, his death in the civil war led Russia into the "time of troubles"
Last of India's great Mogul emperors, ended tolerance of Hindus, caused wars, empire started to fall apart
Oliver Cromwell
led the rebellion against the monarchy (charles I) but later named himself Lord protector
Frederick the Great
1712 - 1786, King of Prussia, doubled its size and made it the dominant German power
Louis XIV
1638-1715, Great Monarch, Sun King, made France super powerful, peak of Absolutism, palace at Versailles, longest reign in modern European history
1627-1680, founded the Maratha kingdom in west India, fought against the Mogul rulers of northern Inida, religious tolerance and social reforms
Wu San-Kuei
Ming general, asked Manchus for help when Peking was attacked by rebels, leading to the Qing dynasty
William III of Orange
governor of the Netherlands, put on the throne of England in the Glorious Revolution 'for the Protestant faith and a free parliament'
Peter I the Great
Russian Tsar that initiated major reforms, Westernization, and military expansion, making Russia a major European power
Maximilien Robespierre
French Revulotionary leader of the Jacobin faction, commanded the Reign of Terror until his execution
Catherine II the Great
Empress of Russia 1762-1796 after a coup overthrew her husband Peter III, expanded into Turkish and Polish lands, cultural advances
Francis II, I
last Holy Roman Emperor until it was dissolved by Napoleon, then reigned as the first Emperor of Austria, with chancellor Metternich Austria got powerful
Alexander II
Tsar of Russia who emancipated the serfs in 1861 and initiated huge reforms, defeated in Turkey in the last Russo-Turkish war
Otto von Bismarck
appointed Minister-President of Prussia, created the German empire in 1871, "Iron Chancellor" because of anti-socialism
Ben Gurion
founding father and first Prime Minister of Israel
Count Camillo Cavour
prime minister of Sardinia, expelled the Austrians from northern Italy, created the Italian national state
Giuseppe Garibaldi
leader in the 1848-49 Italian Revolution, led invasions that led to the unification of Italy under Victor Emmanuel II
Ho Chi-Minh
founded the Indo-Chinese Communist Party in 1930, led the Viet Minh guerillas, declared Vietnamese independence in 1945, became president and led the wars against France and the U.S.
Mohammed Ali Jinnah
founded Pakistan and became its first Governor-General by demanding the partition of India as president of the Moslem league
I Ching, Yijing, Zhang Wen Ming
Tang Dynasty Buddhist Monk, studied at Nalanda, translated Buddhist texts to Chinese
Empress Wu Zetian, Wu Zhao, Tiance Jinlun Shengshen
only woman emperor in China's history, created the second Zhou dynasty in the middle of the Tang, manipulative, ruled through two puppet leaders before becoming empress
Li Hongzhang
1823-1901, general that ended major rebellions, statesman of the Qing, Viceroy of Zhili, diplomatic negotiation, now portrayed negatively by the CCP
Wei Qing
Han general who fought against the Xiongnu, 160-106 B.C., brother of Wei Zifu, uncle of Huo Qubing
Li Guang
died 109 B.C. (suicide) The Flying General, fought for the Han against the Xiongnu
Huo Qubing
141-117 B.C. Han general, fought against Xiongnu, died of Plague, half-brother Huo Guang, nephew of Wei Qing and Wei Zifu
Huo Guang
died 68 B.C., regent after the death of Emperor Wu, ruled during the short life of the young Emperor Zhao, made Prince He emperor but deposed him after only 28 days and installed emperor Xuan, rare strength to act for the good of the empire
Emperor Wu
Han, 156-87 B.C. remembered as one of the best emperors, expanded made Confucianism official for the state, 54 years= second longest reign
Emperor Kangxi
3rd Qing Emperor, 1654-1722, maybe the greatest emperors ever
zhang qian
Han explorer and and imperial envoy, died 113 B.C., first official diplomat to bring back reliable information about Central Asia, part in the Xinjiang conquest
Sima Qian
Han historian, Records of the Grand Historian are very important