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passed Neutrality Acts (No sale of arms to warning
Axis Power
to fight communism and to agree not to hinder each others expansion attempts.
supporters of Republic
supporters of the revolutionists
(union w/ Austria)
"Living Space" (germans needed it)
Appeasement of Germany
Kept peace but was Dishonorable
Munich Pact
Germany signed to get land.
Nazi-Soviet PAct
pledging not to attack one another and to divide up poland.
Lightening war: (start with air attack and used tanks and transports came in.)
Battle of Britain
When Germany attacked Southern England w. Air bombings for 2 months.
Royal Air Force
held the battle of britain back.
Operation Barbarossa
Germany turns to take Russia (natural resources and hated stalin)
After Operation Barbarossa, Russians were unprepared and Hitler took________ and ___________?
Moscow and Leningrad.
Lend-Lease Act
--Fraklin. D. Roosevelt passed this act.
--Sent war materials to any country who was vital to the US's defense.
-- Became "an arsenal if democracy".
Atlantic Charter
Written by Winston Churchill and FDR: stating goals to stop Nazi Tyranny, support the right of the people, and give world security- For the UN.
General Tojo Hideki
ordered an attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
Deliberate murder or racial clensing, of Jews, Gypsies, and Slavs.
Greater East Asia CoProsperity Sphere
To free Asians from western colonies and rule.
Total War
Turned all resources towards the War effort. (factories all made war goods, food, was rationed, rights were limited.)
Balle of El Alamein
Held back axis in Egypt and pushed them accross Libya to Tunisia ane eventually surrendered to General D. Eisenhower after an attack from the Morocco and Algeria.
Invasion of Italy
took sicily and forced Germany to fight another front after Mussolini was overthrown.
Battle of Stalingrad
Defeated the Germans by surrounding them and killing/wounding over 300 K. and pushed the Germans further west out of Russia.
(Operation Overload) Dropped paratroopers behind enemy lines, sent 176k troops to the border of Normandy.
Battle of Coral Sea and Midway
Stopped advancement.
campaign started when US was on the offensive, starting at Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.
The battle of the Bulge
Happened after Germany launched a counterattack- very bloody, many died, slowed allies.
Village opf Stehla-
Axis started to surrender.
V-E Day
Mussolini Killed- Hitler committed suicide and Germany surrendered...this day known as VICOTORY IN EUROPE.
suicide bombers
Air Warfare
airbombings going after civilian and military targets
Radar and Sonar
Radar: Plane detection.
Sonar: for Subs
**We know where they are so it gives us time to prepare.
"Crimes agains Humanity"
Nuremburg Trials to hold leaders accountable for their crimes.
Organization to keep wrold peace and grew to help all world problems such as disease and improve education.
"Iron Curtain"
Start of the Cold war: Dividing the World.
Truman Doctrine
US world resist Soviet growth with economic, political, and military aid.
military aid
limiting commusnism to existing soviet areas.
Marshall Plan
(offered by US) sent food and assistance to Europe to keep communism out of Europe.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization: was formed to help one another (11 countries) against attacks.
Arms Race
Is and USSR engaged in this arms race: who had the strongest military strength.