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A crop raised for money on plantations by large landowners. (p.203)
What is a Cash Crop?
These crops include cotton, tobacco, and in colonial times, indigo which were grown on Sea-Isle Plantations.
A communal farm in Mexico, on which farmers work land together or work individual plots. (p. 205)
What is an Ejido?
During Mexico's land reform revolution of 1910, the land monopolies/ haciendas were broken up into communally-worked plots called ?.
Taking advantage of Mexico's lower wages, many United States countries have extablished factories in the border cities called _____? (p.208)
What are Maquiladoras?
U.S. owned plants in Mexico that assemble products for export to the United States or other nations for a higher profit.
The rise in prices caused by a decrease in value of a nation's currency.
What is Inflation?
Abnormal increases in available currency and credit beyond the proportion of available goods causing prices to rise drastically. Ex. Mexico's foreign debt in 1987 was $100 billion causing the country to be nearly bankrupt and prices to double in one year.
A business that has no competitors and therefore can control an industry's supply of goods and prices. (p. 212)
What is a Monopoly?
Ex. Mexico in the past had four television networks owned by the same company. Walmart forces smaller stores to close due to buying and selling huge quantities of goods at lower prices.
The selling of government owned businesses or lands to private owners is called ________?
What is Privatization? ( p. 212 )
This resulted from Mexican foreign competitors, changes in Mexican politics, and NAFTA enacted in 1994.