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A depression of the land below sea level where water collects or rivers pass through.
What is a Basin?
The world's longerst river flowing >4,000 miles through Uganda, Sudan, & Egypt emptying into the Mediterranean Sea.
What is the Nile River?
Landform made by continental plates separating forming huge cracks in the crust and sinking to form long, thin valleys.
What is the Rift Valley?
Africa's highest mountain formed of a dormant volcano, with a galciated peak which is rapidly receding due to global warming.
What is Mount Kilimanjaro?
A steep slope with a nearly flat plateau on top.
What is an Escarpment?
The largest desert in the world, stretching 3,000 miles from the Atlantic to the Red Sea 1,200 miles N-S; 20% Sand & 80% Sahel; Arabic for "desert"
What is the Sahara Desert?
Huge stores of underground water; water table
What is an Aquifer?
A place in the desert where water reaches the surface through vents from an aquifer supporting vegetation & wildlife & nomads of the desert.
What is an Oasis?
A grassland plain of Northern Tanzania w/ dry climate and hard soil preventing tree growth and crops. Home of ____?____ National Park.
What is the Serengeti Plain?
The upper level of the Rain Forest made of layers of interlapping branches >150ft.
above ground, a habitat for birds, monkeys, & flying foxes.
What is the Canopy?
A region containign most of Nigeria's oil which has cost the lives of 100's w/ recent oil leaks & explosions
What is the Niger Delta?
A word meaning "Shore of the desert" in Arabic; a narrow band of dry grassland crossing E. to W. across the Southern edge of Sahara.
What is the Sahel?
An expansion of dry conditions into moist areas next to deserts. Cyclical process but is speeded up by people.
What is Desertification?
Project completed in 1970 creating Lake Nasser between Egypt & Sudan. Gives farmers 50% more farmland, a regular supply of water & controls flooding of the Nile River. Assists in irrigation of crops yeilding 2-3 harvests per year. Prevents droughts & floods.
What is the Aswan High Dam?
Sediment deposited by rivers on the banks of the rivers, very fertile for farming.
What is Silt?
A gorge where Louis Leakey (1971) found a large number of prehistoric human remains called Homo habilis; 1st humans to make stone tools 2 million yrs. ago.
What is Olduvai Gorge?
Emerged in Ethiopia (AD100s) as an important trade center on the Red Sea & Indian Ocean; traded w/ Egypt & Eastern Roman Empire
Where was Aksum?
Between 1884-85, 14 European nations met to lay down rules for dividing Africa without inviting African countries rulers to attend the conference, even though it directly concerned African land & peoples. By 1914, only Liberia & Ethiopia remained independent & free of Colonial control. Lands were divided w/o regard for ethnic and cultural boundaries causing much of the political violence & ethnic conflicts in Africa in the 20th C.
What was the Berlin Conference?
Crops grown for direct sale such as coffee, tea & sugar.
What are Cash Crops?
East African ethnic group that lives on the grasslands of the Rift Valley of Kenya & Tanzania. Dress in clothes of calf-skin/buffalo hides; make intricat beadwork & jewelry.
Who are the Masai?
An uncontrollable outbreak of disease affecting a large population over a wide geographic area. Ex. AIDS, Plague.
What is a Pandemic?
An ancient African city which legend says was founded by a Phoenician Queen
in 814B.C. on a peninsula on the Gulf of Tunis; Became a great trade & commercial city of Mediterranean Sea.
Where was Carthage?
Monotheistic religion based on teachings of the prophet Mohammed; Brought to N. Africa by Muslim invaders in A.D. 632.
What is Islam?
Algerian music developed in 1920s by poor urban children, carefree & centered around topics of youth, fast-paced & westernized in 1982 to communicate Algerian resentment of French Colonizers.
What is Rai?
An island off the coast of Senegal which served as one of the busiest ports for exporting slaves during slave trade.
Where is Gorce Island?
A society where people rely on family lineages to govern themselves rather than an elected government or monarch. They work through differences to share power.
Ex. the Igbo of SE Nigeria
What is a Stateless Society?
A culture from Ghana known for their weaving of colorful Asasia (Kente Cloth)only worn by Royalty; also made masks & carved wooden stools which symbolize unity between ancestral spirits & living members of a family.
Who were the Ashanti?
Mass migration of Bantu people southward throughout Africa spreading their language & culture.
What was Bantu Migration?
A Belgian King who developed an interest in the Congo after exploration in 1870s ;
wanted to open African Interior to European Trade along Congo River. He controlled the are by 1884, & after the Berlin Conference it was made a Congo Free State. He used forced labor to gather rubber, palm oils, ivory & other resources.
Who was King Leopold II?
The leader of the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 1967-1997 brought countries businesses under national control & took kickbacks to profit from reorganization.
Who was Mobutu Sese Seko?
African sculpture of the Fang Society who lived in Gabon, S. Cameroon & Equatorial Guinea. Featured carved wooden masks, painted white with facial features outlined in black. Also carved boxes that held skulls & bones of deceased ancestors; bones are decorated w/ figures to protect them.
What is Fang Sculpture?
Ancient city established by the Shona people around 1000AD in Zimbabwe, 1200-1400 became capital of a thriving gold-trading area.
Where was Great Zimbabwe?
After death of Mutota in 1440, the empire extended throughout all of present day Zimbabwe - replacing it.
What is the Mutapa Empire?
A complete separation of the races (black & white), banning social contact &establishing segregated schools, hospitals, & neighborhoods.
What was Apartheid?
Leader who emerged from 1949 as head of the ANC & led a struggle to end Apartheid but was imprisoned; Apartheid ended in 1989 due to pressures from the world nations. He was released, won election as President in 1994, Democratic legislation passed a new democratic election which guaranteed rights of all citizens by 1996.
Who was Nelson Mandela?