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5Q. The early center of cattle ranching in the WEst was ---.
5A. Texas
18Q. Why did the American government order the Sioux to sell the Black Hills?
18A. Gold had been discovered there.
1Q. An area of land set aside for Indian use is called a
1A. reservation
14Q. The completion of the transcontinental railraod made it possible for travelers to cross the West in ---.
14A. a week
2Q. People who settled the land under the Homestead Act were called ---.
2A. homesteaders
12Q. The American army suffered its worst defeat of the Indian wars at ---.
12A. the Little Bighorn
4Q. Houses built by Plains settlers from bricks of earth were called ---.
4A. soddies
9Q. Indians in the WEst went to war with American settlers to ---.
9A. defend their way of life
3Q. A machine that sends electrical messages by wire is called a ---.
3A. telegraph
15Q. Who led the way into the mountains of the West?
15A. miners
6Q. Who was the leader of the Nez Perce during the Indian wars?
6A. Chief Joseph
10Q. The American government made the construction of a transcontinental railroad possible by ---.
10A. giving land and money to railroad companies
13Q. On May 10, 1869, the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads were finally joined together at
13A. Promontory Point, Utah
17Q. The Homestead Act offered free farmland to anyone willing to ---.
17A. work the land for five years
8Q. What caused thousands of people to rush to the Rjocky Mountains in 1859?
8A. the discovery of gold
19Q. The rapid growth of cattle ranching eventually forced ranchers to ---.
19A. fence in their lands
16Q. The government ordered the Indians of the WEst to ---.
16A. leave their land
20Q. Why did the government encourage sttlers to kill buffalo?
20A. to make it impossiblefor the Inidans to live on their own
11Q. The way of life of the Plains Indians depended on
11A. the buffalo
7Q. Much of the hard labor on the Central Pacific railroad was done by ---.
7A. Chinese immigrants