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16-17 century, reason rules religon
French Revolution
1789-1799, loss of absolute monarchs
1799-1814, start of fanatical leaders
Industrial Revolution
1750-1850, Made england a superpower
Ninteenth Century Thought and Culture
Reaction to enlightenment and French Revolution
Where Enlightenment Started
Enlightenment Philosophers
French upper class, Volitare, Lock, Hobbs, Montisque, rousseau
Concerns of enlightenment philosophers
Mind, mortality, human anatomy, glory, torture, slavery
father of enlightenment, against abusive French Society
How did enlightenment affect political movements?
America, against absolute monarchs, other countries clamped down to control citizens
Did previous movements impact enlightenment how?
Opinionated, either no because previous were more mechanicalized, or yes because of the reformation of church
Enlightenment thinkers views on children
They should be free to do as they wish, they are not little people, and shouldn't be confined to classrooms
How were enlightenment philosophers humanitarians?
They were against torture, slavery, abuse, ect.
Causes of French Revolution
Bread shortages, disorganized government, unfair taxes, idea of superiority among upper class
Three Estates of France
First - upper clergy
Second- rich and priests
Third - Professionals
Pesents - day workers
Moderate Stage of French Revolution
3rd estate drew up bill of human rights and constitution
What was the great fear during the French revolution?
Pesents feared redemption from upper class for city riots and burned homes with feudal dues in them