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World War I
Between powers of Russia
Pyrrhic Victory
Victory with staggering losses
Social Carninism
Whites= better
wearing down of someone
Pan Slavism
love of family/across family
area near crecia/serbia
Triple entente
alliance between france, britain, russia
stolen from France for Germany--> fear
family in G
Russo-Japanese war (1905)
Russia defeated by Japanese
Wilheml II
2nd G leader, insecure, Bitter, bully, jealous
Archduke Francis Ferdinand
heir to A-H Throne
Austro Hungarian empire
weak. allied with G
The Black Hand
sebian secret society
"the blank check"
offered help by G to A-H with serbia.
getting army together
the schlieffen plan
take out France, beat R
neutral, invaded by G
Total War
economy and hiding #s to keep up morale
appeal to emotions of a people by gov
Central Powers
alliance-G, A-H, I, Bulgaria
The First Battle of the Marne
First battle with F in 2 front war
trench warfare
stay out of line of fire
"mo Man's Land"
trenches on either side
"going over-the-top"
running out of trnch, run at other trench
Britain failed to get to Turkey
Contraband of war
helpful to war effort
G blocked off to the sea. no food from A
unrestricted submarine warfare
kill all boats/passengers or not.
the lusitania
B boat sunk by G. passenger
putting down of arms
treaty of Brest-Litovsk
gave away chunks of R
Czar Nicholas II
Wilhelm's russian cousin
means majority, come to dominate Petrograd Soviet
October Revolution
storming of Winter Palace
"dictatorship of the proletariat"
bolsheviks justified rule
led Bolsheviks
Petrograd Soviet
a counil, not a real gov.
Alexander Kerensky
later ruler of Prov. Gov
Provisional government
after Tzaravdicates, before have a chance to form dom.
Russia's March Revolution
women for break, soldiers join
"peace without victory"
no one wins...but still leads to peace
14 points
wilson's treaty
president wilson
pres. who negotiated treaty
Armenian genocide
turkey killed armenians for land.
shell shock
medical disease- twitching and inhibilitation
the battle of the somme
8 days...b thought they dominated G..G killed them all
town in germany