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process in which iberian peninsula was reconqured from the Muslim states.
Who over saw the final stages of the Reconquista and conquest of grenada.
Ferdinand and Isabella
What is known as the arm of the government and enforces orthodox thought and practices.
Employs what ever is necessary to get people to convert to Catholicism.
-study Bible, prayer services, devotional services in order to improve spiritual
-limited success in fighting protestants
Oratory of Divine Love
Clergy to take monastic vows
Theatine Order
Who was the most important reforming pope in 300 years
Paul III
What tries to reconcile Luther with the Catholic Church
Diet of Regensburg
Who founded Society of Jesus and known as the black pope
Ignatius Loyolla
Societ of Jesus is known as what?
Soldiers for christ pope spiritual army
What are the key activiteis of the Society of jesus
education, confession, political advisors, foreign missions.
What met periodically to examine all points of catholic theology and firmly reasserted correctness of Catholic beliefs
Council of Trent
Who bans all translations of Bible, all classical works, and machiavelli.
Council of Trent
Who declares war on protestants
Council of Trent
index of prohibited literature was created by who?
Council of Trent
Official catholic response to protestant reformation
Catholic reformation
last moslem stronghold in spain
Who expands use of Inquisition
Paul III