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Civil war fought in England where two families try to gain control in England
War of roses
Henry tudor wins what battle and the crown of england
Battle of Bosworth Field
Who founded the Tudor dynasty
Henry VII
Henry signs what treaty with Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain.
Treaty of Medina del Campo
Who brings a dowry of a million dollars.
Catherine of Aragon
Why does henry VIII divorce Catherine of Aragon.
He needed a son
In treaty of medina del campo, what was Henry VII's eldest sons name that married second daughter of ferdinand and Isabella.
Who marries Catherine after Arthur dies.
His brother, Henry VIII
Who was the last woman that inherited the throne?
Who is Henry VIII second wife
Anne Boleyn
Who was the Archbishop York.
Cardinal Wolsey
And if a man should take his brother's wife, it is an unclean thing, they shall be without sons
Leviticus 20:21
Who was the second leading political leader and richest man in England
popes representative in England
Papal legate
Problems king had with divorcing his wives because of thomas wosley
kings great matter
Who does Henry VIII replace Thomas Wolsey with as Chancellor.
Thomas more
A man should marry his brothers widow and have children with her.
Numbers 5:5
Who uses parliament to pass a series of laws that breaks England away from the Catholic church creating the Church of England.
Thomas Cromwell
Who is responsible for the Act of State
Thomas Cromwell