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Giving a church office to a relative
Sale of church offices
No limit to the amount of jobs a clergyman can have
gives the king a chance to confiscate all church's wealth
a prepaid simony
why does the pope sell indulgences
raise money to construct the sistine chapel
who convinces people to buy indulgences by saying you can buy them for people who are already dead, and you dont have to be sorry that you commited a sin.
who is outraged at what Tetzel is doing.
Who creates the 95 theses
What is the key element in luthers theology
justification by faith alone
Who says pope has no power to remit sin only god imposes punishments for sin.
Who says indulgences do not forgive guilt
What are the key elements of Luthers theology
bible in vernacular, justification by faith alone, only two legitimate sacraments
What are luthers only two acceptable sacraments
baptism and eucharist
physical and spiritual change in bread and wine into actual body and blood of christ.
who disagrees with transubstantiation
eating bread and wine, filled with christs spirit
What begins the protestant reformation
95 theses
What are luthers views in teh 95 theses
bible is sole rule of faith, rejects monasticism, no veneration of saints, no purgatory, no indulgences, accepts clerical marriages.
What causes teh peasants revolt
against the murdering, thieving horde of peasants
What is the first of teh serious religious wars, containing catholic german princes vs lutheran german princes
War of the Schmalkaldic League
German princes can choose religion of their state
peace of augsburg
Ulrich Zwingli theology
denial of christs presence in Eucharist, no physical presence, no spiritual presence, lords supper is merely a memorail service, denial of infant baptism, believers baptism
Baptism after understanding and accepting church doctrine.
Believers baptism, ulrich zwingli theology