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where a non clergyman (layman) gives office to clergyman.
lay investiture
What is the basic issure of Lay investiture?
does the king have authority over all subjects, including clergy
-Henry called for council of German bishops to depose Pope
-Pope calls synod that excommunicates Henry and deposes him.
Gregory VII vs Henry IV
Place where Henry travels to ask pope for forgiveness
-Compromised distinguishes between spiritual and temporal investiture
-Secular leaders would have a role in choosing religious leaders.
1122 Concordat of Worms
Transformation of English law that introduces a trial by jury
-marked the end of benefit of clergy. Clergy man used to be tried by church and they were lenient.
Constitutions of Clarendon
how was it determined if a person was a clergy man
literacy test was given
Clergy man used to be tried by church and they were lenient.
Benefit of Clergy
Who was the Archbishop of Canterbury. Killed while praying by Henry II
Thomas a Becket
Issue between Boniface VIII and Phillip IV
Whethere or not to tax the church
Prohibited secular leaders from taxing clergy without papal approval
Clericos Laicos
Who issued Clericos Laicos
Boniface VIII