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9th century popes encouraged wars to defend Christianity
pope Urban II urged knights to quit fighting one another and fight a religious war instead.
Council of Clermont
What was the first Crusade known as and why did it exist?
People's crusade. Peter the Hermit
-Claimed to carry a letter that fell from Heaven
-Recapture of Jerusalem key to Apocalypse
What 4 countries did the first Crusade take place?
Which Crusade was the most successful of the three?
First Crusade
What was the result of the First Crusade
-Establish 3 Crusader states
-Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem under Godfrey of Bouillon
-Jerusalem is garrisoned by Knights Templar and Knights Hospitalers
What inspires the second Crusade?
Edessa fell to Moslems-important town they capture-signaled to European leaders that they need to do something
Pope Eugenius II promises what to crusaders of the second crusade?
What two people led the second crusade?
holy Emperor Conrad III og Germany and Louis VI of France
English, French, Dutch, and Portuguese capture what country in second crusade?
What is a result of the Second Crusade?
Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem moves to Cyprus
The third Crusade was known as what?
Kings Crusade
The third Crusade was led by what three people?
Frederick of Barbarossa
-Philip IV Augustus
-Richard I “the Lion Heart
In the Third Crusade what country was failed to be recaptued?
Who called for the fourth Crusade?
innocent III
Why was the fourth crusade created?
to reunite eastern and western churches, Venice has a major trade rivalry with Constantinople
-Venice pays Crusaders to attack/sack Zara
-then attack Constantinople
in what crusade?
Fourth Crusade
Who was the latin king of Jerusalem because of first Crusade?
Godfrey of Bouillon
Who conquered most of the kingdom of Jerusalem?