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Justinian was the emperor of what empire?
What were the main goals of Justinian?
-Restore western provinces
-Reform laws and institutions
-Build elaborate public works
Whoa was empress theodora?
Justinian's wife and former prostitute and former actress.
Actresses were seen on what level in these days?
lowest level
Who was justinians co emperor
Who was an advocate for prostitutes, disaster victims, and monophysites?
Blues and Greens of the nike riots were what?
sports rivals
How did the Blues and Greens of the Nike riots differs?
Politics and Religion
The Blues of the Nike riots were associated with what religion?
orthodox christians
The Greens of the Nike riots were associated with what religion?
What causes the Nike riots?
Justinian provokes them by refusing to wear either color to their events. Doesn't show who he supports.
Who is responsible for building the Hagia Irene-Church
Who comes up with a revised law code?
Corpus Juris Civilis
What were the key ideas of Corpus Juris Civilis revised law code?
-Emperor is subject to the law
-popular sovereignty-power of the emperor comes from the people
Who temporarily stops the decline of the Byzantine Empire.
What were Heraclius's themes
-Soldiers receive land for military service
-means less money required to pay troops
-Strategos have troops, can respond more quickly to crises
Who is responsible for Religious war between Christians and Zoroastrians
Zoroastrians was the primary religion where?
What did the Zoroastrians claim the Christian god to be?
God of Darkness
Religious war between Christians and Zoroastrians was a war between what?
forces of light and darkness.
What is it called when the Emperor rules both church and state
In Caesaropapism what does the Emperor do?
-Appoints church leaders (patriarch)
-Patriarch- highest church leader (orthodox equivalent of pope
-Calls church councils
-sets criteria for selection for selection of bishop
Monophysites believe what?
divine nature of Christ took precedence over his human nature and that Jesus had essentially only one nature (divine). Divine part is most important and dominant.
Forbade use of religious icons (images of holy people) enhance religious experience.
Iconclastic Controversy
Why were icons seen as bad?
Emperors saw icons as undermining their authority