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How do the Romans execute Jesus?
Traditional method of Crucifixion
At what rate does Jesus die?
relatively fast
Who said Christians don't have to be Jews first?
Paul of Tarsus
Who proposed mission to Gentiles.
Paul of Tarsus
who started ritual of Bread and wine.
Paul of Tarsus
Why do the Romans dislike the Christians?
Christians reject traditional family values, Christians refuse to serve in army, pay taxes and worship emperor.
Christians preach pacifism
Trinity is what?
God is one being who exists simutaneously and eternally as three persons, father, son and holy spirit.
Magical transformation of bread and wine into actual, physical body and blood of Christ. This is why the Romans through the Christians were cannibals.
Council of Nicaea was convened by who?
Which sacrament washes away original sin.
What are the seven Sacraments?
Baptism, Eucharist, confirmation, Penance (Reconciliation), Extreme Unction, Matrimony-marriage, Ordination
Who translated the Latin Vulgate version of the Bible.