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Lake Dwellers lived on what?
Stilt homes above the lake.
Etruscans can be described as what.
Well planned, urban people
Etruscans did what.
Fortified cities, encouraged tribes to move to cities
Etruscans influence what.
Role of Women, wearing a toga, very intricate iron work, round tombs for soldiers and round houses, and banquets, terracotta ( reddish –brown clay)
Fasces was what.
bundle of rods ties with red cord, symbolizing unification of people
Romulus and Remes were created how.
. Created by mars who slept with an Earth woman. She is required to abandon children. Rather than dying they are adopted by a she wolf. Years later they grow up and go to the site of what will be rome.
Who was a trojan hero that led his trojan followers on the journey from troy which led the founding of the city that would later be named Rome.
Virgil wrote what latin epic which was what
Aeneid, latin epic that tells the legendary story of Aeneas
Who does Rome ally with against thieving, covetous hillsmen
Where does Pyrrhus win the pyrrhic victories over Rome?
Heraclea and Ausculum
Rome allies with who under Pyrrhus?
particular power father has where he has absolute control over his children lives as long as father is alive.
pater familias
Who is the goddess of the hearth and family?
What was used as an execution site for murderes and traitors?
Tarpeian rock
2 officials in almost every office because this was how to end political corruption. No one holds public office until they have served 10 years in the military.
The senate was made up of 300 high court officials known as what
Patricians responsibilities in the senate were what?
make treaties,-supervise administration
-administer provinces
-conduct wars
-investigate major crimes
General body of the Roman Citizens
most famous dictator in history. A dictator on six separate occasions.
Plebians demanded political rights in exchange for what?
military service
first written roman code of law
12 tables