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Bossuet - who is he?
What did he write?
Absolutism Theorist
Politics Dawn from the very words of the Holy Scripture
What did Bossuet believe?
That monarchs received their authority directly from God- divine right.
4 Propositions of Bossuet's 3rd book?
1- God establishes kings as his ministers, and reigns through them over the peoples.
2. The person of kings is sacred.
3. One must obey the prince by reason of religion and conscience.
4. Kings should respect their own power, and use it only for the public good.
3 Propositios of Bossuet's 4th book?
1. The prince need account to no one for what he ordains
2. When the prince has decided, there can be no other decision.
3. There is no co-active force against the prince.
Thomas Hobbes- who is he?
What did he write?
A british philosopher and political Theorist.
Leviathan, a secular defense of Absolutism using new scientific thought and claiming that men were all equal.
What Hobbes' says are the three principall causes of quarrell?
1. Competition
2. Diffidence
3. Glory
The Test Act
a law in England which James II tried to repeal, forbade anyone to hold a military or civil office, or enter a university unless in good standing with the Church of England.
Declaration of Indulgence for Liberty of Conscience
passed by King James II which established complete freedom of worship for all Englishmen.