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What is Feudalism?
A pyramid shape that merges because of how the power of a king weakens the further away from his subjects he is.
List the three kinds of peasants
The peasant who is free to get up and walk away anytime

The serf who is un-free but is only attached to the land so therefore he cannot be bought and sold

Slaves are property who can be bought and sold just like anything else
What is Manorlism?
The life of peasants whilst on the land of the manor that is controlled by the lord
How do you get out of the Feudal system?
Join the Church or military
What is Pornocracy?
The rule of prostitutes, this has to do with the corruption of the Church during the 900's
Why was Henry IV excommunicated by Gregory VII ?
Henry chose a pope (George) to end the corruption of the Church, but that Gregory ruled that only the College of Cardinals can elect a Pope.
List the first reforms made by the Church during the Papacy
Self Reform- Cleaning up their act

Pluralism- No Churchman could have more than one job to get extra salary

Absenteeism- only get money for time worked

Clerical misbehaviour- Clergy had to stay wholesome

Halting of Lay investiture- Lay people could not set up their own bishops from self-interest
List the sacrements of marriage
Ordaining a priest
Conformation and
List the reforms to marriage
Voluntary marriage
No sex outside of marriage
No sex except for pro-creation
No diveorce except for annulment
What is Lindisfarne?
A monastery in England that th Vikings raped and pillaged
Who was Alfred the Great?
King of Wessex who was able to halt the Vikings and eventually push them back
What were the Clunaic Reforms?
Cluny monasteries became independent and were no longer sponsored by lords, they also took back their original oaths.
What was the importance of Canossa?
The place where King Henry goes and begs to be allowed back into the Kingdom
What does consanguinity mean?
Bloodtogetherness. Meaning that incest is bad.
What is the Great Chain/ Ladder of being?
God, Angels, humans, animals, plants, inatimate objects, matter (the furthest way from God)

GAH APIM! Get out of there! (My phrase)
What were the 4 humours?
Yellow bile, Black bile, Blood and Phlegm
What was the Argument from Authority?
The argument that change is bad because the world is already perfect, so there is no need for change. Begging the question kind of argument.
Explain Ptolemaic perception
It is a geocentric kind of thinking where the earth is at the centre of the universe and everything revolves around earth.
Who is Lucifer and what is one special characteristic about him?
He is the Devil. And he is actually freezing cold not hot.
What were the goals of Justice in Hell?
Justice was meant to be: Retributive, physical, eternal and was supposed to begin as soon as you died
What is Dante Aligheri's Hell?
It is a book about Dante's trip to Hell where he discovers the many layers of Hell.
What are the 7 deadly sins?
Lusty, gluttony, greed, anger, sloth (moral laziness), envy and Pride which is the worst of all sins
What is limbo?
It is for good people who were not Christians
List some of the reasons why the Church was so strong in the 1300's.
The keys, wealth, political claims, memory and intellect, law, persuasion and coercion
What is Canon law?
A more efficient way to deal justice then secular courts. This court infuriates the King because it takes away his power
What does Mendicant mean?
It means begging, to take the vow of poverty and go back to the orignal ways of Christianity of being poor
What aren't the inquistor's allowed to do?
Draw blood. But they can twist and snap your bones, also they can hand you over to the local authorities who will spank you.
What are flying Buttresses?
They are columns built on the outside of the main building to support its weight
List the things that were horrible about the 1300's?
Climate change, Babylonian exile, black death, 100 years war, peasant rebellion, heresy, schism
What is the difference between a revolution and a revolt?
A revolt looks to change some things but not everything. Is willing to keep current system but not the policies. A revolution seeks to change everything
Who was Boniface VIII?
The least popular pope that who trie to have too much power and independence from the King. Phillip the Fair charged him with every crime imaginable and most likely killed him
What was the Babylonian Captivity?
Philip the Fair moves the Papacy to Avignon in France.
How long did the 100 years war last?
At least you'll feel good about yourself after this one
What were the causes of the 100 years war?
English land holdings in France.
New dynasty in France.
First Valois King of France Philip VI
What two important aspects from the Battle of Crecy?
The canon (although it wasn't used much) will be important and the long bow which will spank all of the French forces
Who were the Flagellants?
People who went around in towns whipping their backs to make God show some mercy.
What happened in Poitiers in 1356?
The French King is captured which means after four years of negotiating the English receive a huge ransom and a truce for 10 years.
Why were Peasant Rebellions always end so badly?
Because they never got rid of the King
Who was John Ball?
A revolutionary Peasant who lead a successful rebellion and gave a great speech on the ruling class. He gave peasants a reason to hate the King
What is Lollardy?
A type of heresy that is critical of the Church
What did John Wycliff do?
He was the first person to translate the Bible into Englis and to use the common vernacular
List the things that John Wycliff did for reformation in the Church (Probably important)
Poor church
Invisible Church
No transubstantiation
No separate priestly caste
What is a Humanist?
A person who is interested in classical learning
What is important about Renaissance Art and Architecture?
It went back to classic Roman and Greek themes and featured perspective
What was Ad fonts?
A way to go back to the original texts, not just read or hear about them.
Who wrote "In Praise of Folly?"
Erasmus from the Netherlands
What was an aim of Humanism?
To make Christianity better through education.
Where and how many Theses did Martin Luther publish?
In Wittenburg on October 1517, and there were 95 theses that condemned the Church
Who was Charles the V?
He warred against the German Protestants but was always halted by the French and the Turks
What was the Peace of Augsburg?
In 1555 Charles makes a peace pact between the Catholics and the Protestants to end all the wars. It was peace by separation.
What happened to the Valois Kings in France?
Neither of them were able to breed so they all died out.
What happened to the Spanish Armada when they tried to invade England?
They got chased into Scotland and a large amount of them died there.
Une foi, une loi, un roi
One faith, one law, one King