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-Somerset-turns power over to his uncle the duke of somerset
-Religious changes
-Edward dies of consumption (tuberculosis)
-Throne passes to his half sister Mary I
Edward VI
she is catholic so under her England moves back towards Catholicism
-she weds Phillip who will be future phillip II king of spain
Mary I
works to restore England to Catholic church-Told Lutherans to get out of England and if they stayed they would leave-Marian exiles
-Marian exiles
-Fires of Smithfield
Mary I
Mary I's virgin half sister who gets the throne after Mary dies.
Elizabeth I
a head of state who puts politics before religion.
who is a politique
Elizabeth I
-change from “supreme head” to “supreme governor”
-Book of Common Prayer (Elizabethan Prayer Book)
New act of Supremacy
want to purify English church of “papal trappings”
-Don’t recognize Elizabeth as legitimate queen
-Favor Mary Queen of Scots as English queen
-Elizabeth’s heart belongs to him and she would of married him except for a few problems
-Elizabeth’s advisors didn’t all favor Dudley
-Dudley is already married-his wife has serious mental problems-she kills her self because if shes dead Elizabeth can’t marry Dudley because people will believe she was murdered. Dudley inturn marries Mary, Queen of Scots.
But what happens instead is Mary marries Robert Darnley

Robert Darnley-believed he would be king if he married Mary king of Scot
Marriage and scandal of Mary, Queen of Scots
Who is responsible for spanish armada
Francis Drake
-Raid Coast of Spain and destroy thousands of water barrels. This delays sailing of Armada for a year. When the Armada finally sails, the person incharge has no military experience because original person in charge dies.
Spanish Armada
the 80 years war

Phillip II is prosecuting protestants in the Netherlands and the Dutch don’t like this so they rise up in rebellion against spain. Leader of the dutch is William the Silent.
Dutch War of Independence
Son of Mary, Queen of Scots
-Named by Elizabeth I as her heir
-Ruled Scotland from 1565 (6 weeks old)
-ruled England beginning in 1603
-he is an intellectual
-believes in religious toleration and is a pacifist
James VI
-Puritans ask james to reform Church of its “Catholic trappings”
-get rid of wedding rings.
-get rid of genuflection-make sign of cross
-new translation of Bible
Millenary Petition
-“No bishop, no king”
-Only lasting contribution King James Bible.
-Want Congregational to replace current Episcopal structure
Hampton Court Conference
-Plan to blow up Parliament while in session and overthrow government.
-government catches them before it can take place and they are hung
-plot fails, leads to repression of catholics
Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot