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four requirements of civilization...
urban settled enviornment
occupational specialization
land between the tigris an the euphrates rivers where western civ was born
tigris and euphrates rivers
reason civilazation happened in mesopotamia. area recieved little rain and flooded unpredictibly and often catastrophic.
first civilization that evolved into city states. located in the fertile cresent.
city states
political organization in Sumer and greece were villages are there own states
ruler during peaceful times in sumerian city state Akkad. lead akkadians to take over sumer and form dynastic empire using millitary strategies. empire flourished.
Used teqnique divide and conquer capital at babylon. left dynasty strong enough to survive till 1550bc. tried untinting city states trough the worship of Marduk.
Law code
code of law that was compreensive to creating and empire
wedge shaped markings used in sumer
located on nile river who's regularity caused a feeling of stability and security.
upper egypt
red land (not easy to farm)
lower egypt
fertile land of the delta (black land)
egyptian history
old kingdom
intermediate period
middle kingdom
new kingdom
old kingdom
"patterns" patterns begin to form that will be the basis for egyptian civilization ie: creation by one god, administrative system (nomes ruled by nomarcs), ma'at- set of values that egyptians believe is the way things should be. Art forms.
capital- Memphis
middle kingdom
"change" new dynasty, new capital city (thebes) pharoah reffered to as "shepard" (cared more for people)Osirus became popular amoung common people as a way to the afterlife (judge of the dead)
new kingdom
"empire" pharoes became more of war leaders, larger military,new people and ideas overloaded the egyptians so all non egyptians were put to slavery
intermediate periods
internal confusion
outside pressures due to confusion
came to egypt were they were forced into slavery. once they were let out of egypt by moses, they "wandered in the wilderness" for a generation were thewy came into a covenat with god that if they worshiped only him, they would be led to the promised land. once in the promised land they had three kings.
three kings of hebrews
saul david soloman
hebrew history after soloman
split in two into judah and Isreal, judah --> persians
Isreal--> assyrians
Trading city capital of Tyre, many of the symbols in there alphabet are still used today
Tiglac pileaser-creator
capital--> Nineveh
used terror as a tool
used metal weapons and war strategies
Nineveh fell because they could not find an inexpensive way to rule.
Cyrus I - creator
Used horses
didnt have to use military in order to rule
Satraps ruled by satrapies
created roads
religion- Zoroastranisum
zoroaster- wrote the Zend avesta about the worlds struggle between good and evil
Good- Ahuramazda
bad- ahriman
good people-
analyze basic element of concious experience
focused on purpose of conciuseness
focused on observable behavior and emphasized learned nature of behavior
suggest that normal and abnormal behavior is caused by unconcious forces
operant conditioning
john watson
BF skinner
behavior canges due to consequence
classical conditioning
unconditioned stimulus-->unconditioned responce--> conditioned stimulus -->conditioned responce