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What two things did Napoleon know that compelled him to make his policies?
1) popularity comes and goes
2) if popularity declines, he could lose his head
What were Napoleons policies?
1) education
2) Code Napoleon
3) Concordat or 1801
4) cut peoples taxes
5) balanced budget (for France)
6) censorship of the press
What was Napoleons policy for education?
free public education (for males)
Before Napoleon, who could afford to be educated?
only the rich
What two things did Napoleons policy on education create?
1) loyalty
2) large pool of educated people
What was Code Napoleon?
a legal code or set of laws
What did Code Napoleon do?
It wiped out every set of laws and made new ones.
What was the Concordat of 1801?
a treaty with the Catholic Church
What did the Concordat of 1801 do?
It recognized that most people in France were catholic.
Why was the Concordat of 1801 so important?
During the revolution, churches were closed, and the Concordat allowed people to go to church again.
Not only did Napoleon cut peoples taxes, but he also _______.
taxed all three estates
How did Napoleon pay off the national debt?
He created a balanced budget
What could get you imprisoned during Napoleons reign?
If you said anything negative about him.
What country did Napoleon NOT conquer in Europe?
Great Britain
How did Napoleon try to conquer Great Britain in 1805?
He tried to conquer their navy
In what battle did Napoleon attack the British navy?
Battle of Trafalgar
Who died in the battle of trafalgar?
Horatio Nelson
Why did Napoleon fall so quickly?
1. Inability to defeat GB
2. Continental system
3. Made mistakes
4. Make-up of his army
5. Nationalism of other countries
6. Decision to invade russia
What did the continental system create?
a blockade around GB
what sort of nationalism was displayed that hurt napoleon?
People were one in their hatred toward France
Who was the leader of Russia?
Czar Alexander I
Why did Napoleon threaten Russia?
Alexander I decided to trade with GB
What were Napoleon's problems in the invasion of Russia?
1. Thousands deserted the army
2. Difficulty in supplying
3. Winter
Why was there a difficulty in supplying the army?
1. Long supply lines
2. Scorched earth policy
Give the 5 parts of Liberalism
1. Limited monarch or a republic
2. Equal rights
3. Freedom of Religion
4. Freedomo f Speech
5. Right to vote
What is Nationalism based on?
Based on Ethnicity
Why was there political instability in France?
Numerous governments
What important archeological find w as discovered in Egypt?
Rosetta stone
what was on the Rosetta Stone?
What were the two parts of the Peace Settlements of 1814 and 1815?
1. Treaty of Paris
2. Treaty of Vienna
What did the Treaty of Paris deal with?
What did the Treaty of Vienna deal with?
the rest of europe
What were two basic goals of the Peace Treaties?
1. Maintain a balance of power
2. Resist change
Who wer ethe five great powers in Europe?
1. GB
2. France
3. Austria
4. Prussia
5. Russia
What sort of change did they want to resist?
brought on by Liberalism or Nationalism
What two people dominated the Peace settlement?
1. Klemens Von Metternich
2. Viscount Castlereagh
Who was Klemens Von Metternich?
Austria's foreign minister
Who was Viscount Castlereagh?
Great Britain's foreign minister
What were th ethree parts of the Treaty of Paris?
1. Louis XVIII made king
2. A limited monarch
3. Territory of France left intact
What is the event called when Louis XVIII was made king?
Bourbon Restoration
What were the four basic issues of the Treaty of Vienna?
1. Congress System
2. German countries
3. Italian countries
4. Austria
What was the name for the Congress?
"Concert of Europe"
What was the problem with German countries?
Nationalism was on the rise, wanted to be in one country
What was the problem with Italian countries?
Wanted Italian Unification
What was the problem with Austria?
Wanted each group to have their own country
What were some of the ethnic groups of Austria?
1. Germans
2. Magyars
3. Czechs
4. Italians
5. Polish
6. Croatians
7. Slavs
What was the term used by Austria to justify splitting up?
Who hated self-determination?
Klemens von Metternich
Why did the IR begin in GB?
1. Ample supply of natural resources (Coal, iron)
2. Economically adventerous
3. Ample supply of labor
4. British didn't spend half their money on food
What did the British have money t ospend on?
1. Manufacutred products
2. new businesses
WHo wrote "The Industrial Revolution"?
Arnold Toynbee
What were the basic parts of the Industrial Revolution? (7)
1. Steam-powered machine
2. Factory system
3. Urbanization
4. Living conditions
5. Working conditions
6. Transportation revolution
7. Snowball effect
four parts of living conditions
1. price increase
2. share dwellings
3. sanitation
4. disease was rampant
six parts of working conditions
1. Hot
2. 16-hr workday
3. 96-hr workweek
4. No injury compensation
5. Average workweek - 6 days
6. No unemployment compensation
why wasn't there injury compensation?
1. Was t heir fault
2. they knew the risk
Who invented the steam-powered locomotive?
Richard Trevithick
Who invented the fast locomotive and what was it called?
George Stephenson
"The Rocket"
Who invented the steam-powered boat and what was it called?
Robert Fulton, The Clermont
Who was the Philosopher who talked about German unification?
Georg Hegel
What did Hegel say one could do to be more complete?
1. Get married
2. Have a family
3. Community
4. Nation
Who were the primary german countries?
1. Austria
2. Prussia
What were the two options for unification?
1. Gross Deutsch
2. Klein Deutsch
Who was teh king of Prussia during Unification?
William I
What family was William I from?
Wh owas the German Chancellor?
Otto von Bismarck
Who was the driving force behind unification?
Otto von Bismarck
What were the three wars of unification fought?
1. Danish war (with Denmark)
2. Austro-Prussian war
3. Franco-Prussian war
What were the two areas of Germans in Denmark and to whom did each go after the war?
1. Schleswig - Prussia
2. Holstein - Austria
What's another name for the Austro-Prussian war
7 weeks war
What did Prussia win from the Austro-Prussian war?
Who governed france during the Franco-Prussian war?
Napoleon III
Where did French Representatives meet with William I?
Ems (a resort area)
What was the discussion at Ems?
Prince Leopold of the Hohenzollern family was possibly offered the Spanish throne, don't do it...
What's it called when Bismarck released an altered transcript to German and French papers?
"Ems Dispatch"
Who wan the Franco-Prussian war?
Where did Bismark call a press conference?
Hall of Mirrors, Palace of Versailles
What did Bismarck announce at Versailles?
Formation of "Germany" and William I, Emperor of Germany
Where did Marx live?
2 books- Marx
Das Kapital
Communist Manifesto
What four contries were in the Final Coalition?
1. Austria
2. Prussia
3. Russia
4. Great Britain
Give another name for the Allies
Final Coalition
Who was Louis XVIII in relation to Louis XVI?
Name the first Island Napoleon was exiled to and where it was
Elba, Off the coast of Italy
What happened during the "Hundred Days"?
Napoleon escaped, Louis XVIII fled, Final coalition got back together
What was Napoleon's final battle?
Battle of Waterloo
Who led the British in the Battle of Waterloo?
Duke of Wellington
What island was Napoleon exiled to the second time?
St. Helena
What was the significance of the Napoleonic Era?
1) Nobility lost special privileges forever
2) Church lost much of it’s property
3) Metric System created
4) Millions of deaths took place
5) Free public education
6) Model for others to copy
7) 2 new political ideologies created
a) Nationalism
b) Liberalism
What did Marx say about capitolism?
That it is ethically wrong
What two groups did Marx say there were and who were they?
1) bourgeoisie- owners
2) proletariat- workers
Why is capitolism wrong according to Marx?
Those who work the most get paid the least and those who work the least get paid the most.
According to Marx, what was the proletariats revolt going to be called?
The Revolution of the Proletariat
Who were the proletariat going to overcome?
1) Businesses
2) Government
What is communism?
A society without three things:
1) individual ownership of property
2) class distinctions
3) a government
What is the name of the period between the revolution and complete communism?