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where does the industrial revolution start
James Watt invented...
steam engine that produces power
James Hargraves invented
the spinning jenny named after his wife
Richard Ankwright invented
the water frame which was more effective than the spinning jenny
Samuel Compton invented
the spinning mule which was more effective than the water frame
Eli whitney invented what and sold to who
invented interchangeble part muskets that he sold to the army
the most important part of the railroad was
actually building it because it was good for labor and the economy
sole proprietorship
one person raised all the money
investors invested in the company, could only loose as much as they invested
protective tariff
a tax set by the government for importing goods to encourage people to buy from their own country
James Watt found what in what state
crude oil in Pennsylvania
blast furnace
steel production increased with the invention of the
allowed business to do whatever it wanted to do
Laissez Faire
concept of the government not interfering in the economy to protect private property
Natural Law
Law of supply and demand
Freedom of contract
each indivisual is free to negotiate pay and conditions with their employer and any time
liberalism does not like
Adam smith wrote
wealth of nations, greed is good
middle class, liberalism, no titles, not rich
Thomas Malthus
invented economics
Thomas Malthus wrote
Essay on Population,
Essay on Population
people will eventually starve to death because the food population is increasing slower than the human population
iron law of wages
wages will always be just enough for a rough over your head and food in your mouth
david ricardo is from where and came up with what
england, iron law of wages
poor law of 1830
called for the building of work houses
work houses
worked 12-14 hours a day, dirty water, horrible food, did this so people would want to get out of the work houses
outdoor relief
people would stand in lines outside for small amounts of money
oliver twist
book about little boy in a work house to encourage the able body work to avoid the poor houses
Charles Fournier
crazy, ocean would turn into lemonade, free love, said he would be in his office everyday waiting for people to give him money
everyone worked and everyone shared
socialism was tried where
Plymouth colonies in USA
greek military formation of 1800 people, fournier refered to it as the work force, everyone would change jobs 8 times a day and would work 5am-9pm
Robert Owen
Scotsman who made conditions better in a cotton Factory, clean water, cut down work day, provided education to children
where was Owen's factory
New Lamark Scotland
result of Owens factory
got people to do more by improving working and living conditions
Karl Marx referred to himself as
scientific socialist, atheist, explain everything with three ideas
Friedrich Ennels
supported Marx financially
Communist Manifesto
written to encourage workers to rise up and take over
Das Kapitals
three volumes, incomplete, define present and past and predict future
Economic determination
determines everything else that is going to happen
Dialected Materialism
Class struggle
two classes- those who control means of production and those who don't
means of production
everything inside determined by the means of production
George Hegal
believed in ideas rather than forces
law of concentration of Capital
competition between bourgeosie and capitalists, bourgeosie will get smaller in number but richer as time goes on
the law of increasing misery
proletariats wil get larger and larger and poorer and poorer
proletariats will come to the conclusion that they are being exploited and opressed
trade union conciousness
people getting screwed try to form labor union
class conciousness
recognize the only way to improve conditions in to rise up in violent ways, must over throw capitalism
dictatorship of the proletariat
people would work for the good of the people
less of a difference between wages
given the amount of money based on need rather than job status
Lev Brunstein
Leon Trotsky
Josef Stalin
Vanguard Theory
Lenninism, small group at any given time that has developed class conciousness
group that decides that vanguard should lead the proletariat, and the class conciousness proletariat should lead the revolution