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What is a Port?
A place where ships load and unload goods.
Name one natural resouce found in Chicago, Illinois.
Lake Michigan
Name two natural resources found in Denver, Colorado
Mountains and Mining
What is an Industry?
The many businesses that make one product.
Name five (5) resource that can help a city grow.
Nearness to water
Natural Beauty
What is a bar graph?
A bar graph uses different lengths to show amounts.
Define the word population.
Population is the number of people who live in a place.
Why is the Port in Seattle important?
Seattle is an important port because it is on the Puget Sound.
Is Pugent Sound part of the Pacific Ocean?
What is Seattle's bigest industry? And Why?
One of Seattle's biggest industries if fishing, because of its location.
What is the Central Business district?
The central business district is the busy part of the city where most of the office buildings, stores, hostels, and restaurants are located.
What are two resources that helped Seattle grow?
The Ocean & The Mild Climate
What is the name of Seattle's big market?
The big market in Seattle is called the "Pike Place Market".
What is an assembly line?
An assembly line is a line of workers who put together parts of a product.
What is one important industry in Seattle?
Making airplanes is an important industry in Seattle.
What is a Capital?
A capital is a place where leaders of a country or state meet and work.
What is the meaning of the word Transportation?
Transportation is the moving of people and products from place to place.
What is the meaning of the word commuter?
A commuter is a person who travels back and forth every workday to their job.
What is a Subway?
A subway is an underground train.
What is Public Transportation?
Public Transportation is transportation that can be used by everyone in a community.
What is private transportation?
Private transportation is used only by its owner.
Example a personal car or bike.
What four ways are suburbs all alike?
They are alike in the following four way:

1. Located near a Big City
2. Have houses and stores
3. Have people who work in a nearby city
4. Need Good Tranportation