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what is intanigble personal property?
cannot be touched (trademarks, copyright, patents, stocks, bonds)
what is another name for intangible personal property?
Chose in action
what is another name for tangible personal property?
A chattel or chose in performance
what is a fixture?
personal property that has become attached to the prop. that is considered part of it (light fixtures)
What is the intention test and what is included in it?
did the party intend this to be a fixture? Use the attachemnt test and the adaptation test
what is the attachment test?
or annexation test: if the personal property is attached and cannot be removed w/o substantial damage
what is the adaptation test?
light fixtures, dorrs, door knobs,etc these items are so adapted to the use of property that it is expected
What is a trade fixture?
this is the exception: when one is renting commercial prop. an attached item can be removed b/c they are a trade fixture