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27th Amendment
RESTRICTING CONGRESSIONAL PAY RAISES (1992)- Congress not allowed to increase its current pay. (Delays pay raises until after the next House election)
"26th Amendment"
"LOWERING THE VOTING AGE (1971)- Ballot for 18 year olds
"25th Amendment"
"PRESIDENTIAL SUCCESSION AND DISABILITY (1967)- VP to become prez if he dies or is disabled
"24th Amendment"
"POLL TAX (1964)- Payment of poll tax or other taxes not to be prerequisite for voting in federal elections. Enforcement."
"23rd Amendment"
"DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA VOTE (1961)- Grants residents of DC the right to vote in presidential elections and they get 3 electoral votes. Enforcement."
"22nd Amendment"
"ANTI-THIRD TERM AMENDMENT (1951)- Presidential term is limited. (Only elected twice and if served for two years then can only run once)
"20th Amendment"
"PRESIDENTIAL AND CONGRESSIONAL TERMS (1933)- All terms of office begin in January (prez and vp= Jan 20th)
"21st Amendment"
"PROHIBITION REPEALED (1933)- Eighteenth Amendment is repeals
"19th Amendment"
"WOMAN SUFFRAGE (1920)- Women guaranteed the right to vote."
"18th Amendment"
"NATIONAL PROHIBITION (1919)- The sale or manufacture of intoxicating liquors is forbidden."
"17th Amendment"
"DIRECT ELECTION OF SENATORS (1913)- Sentatos shall be elected by popular vote. (Before it was done by legislatures)"
"16th Amendment"
"INCOME TAXES (1913)- Congress has power to lay and collect income taxes. (Personal)"
"15th Amendment"
"SUFFRAGE FOR BLACKS (1870)- Black males are made voters. (All male U.S. Citizens may now vote)"
"14th Amendment"
"13th Amendment"
"SLAVERY PROHIBITED (1865)- Makes slavery illegal."
"12th Amendment"
"ELECTION OF PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT (1804)- The electors vote for only one candidate in each office and if no one reaches a majority then the House of Reps selects the President and the Senate selects the VP."
"11th Amendment"
"SUITS AGAINST A STATE (1798)- The federal courts have no authority in suits by citizens against a state."
"10th Amendment"
"POWERS RESERVED TO THE STATES AND TO THE PEOPLE- Powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states and the people."
"9th Amendment"
"CONCERNING RIGHTS NOT ENUMERATED- The people retain rights not here enumerated."
"8th Amendment"
"BAIL AND PUNISHMENTS- Excessive fines and unusual punishments are forbidden."
"6th Amendment"
"PROTECTION IN CRIMINAL TRIALS- An accused person has important rights. (Guarantees the right to know why he or she is being arrested
"7th Amendment"
"SUITS AT COMMON LAW- The rules of common law are recognized. (Guarantees a jury trial for civil cases in which citizens sue for damages)"
"5th Amendment"
"4th Amendment"
"SEARCHES AND SEIZURES- Unreasonable searches are forbidden."
"3rd Amendment"
"QUARTERING OF TROOPS- Soldiers may not be arbitrarily quartered on the people."
"2nd Amendment"
"RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS- The people may bear arms."
"1st Amendment"
"RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL FREEDOM- Congress must not interfere with freedom of religion