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Get in b/c DeGaulle leaves
Economy in bad shape-> Thatcher
!Rebate fooe the Eu that the due pays - subsidies for the farmers but
Cap Criticism
Eu Competition -opposed
Moral compenent
Gains and Losses or the UK
Hetes the concentration on Brusses
Blocks Federalism - Internantional Organization (limited sovereignty in nname
OPt for social structure
Opt out for Euro (not giving up the pound
Tone done versionof the CFSP
OMV Council of Ministers
Euro-> moving banks
EU citizenship
Eu powers - get co powers b/c not a democracy
Blair and nEW lABOUR
2. Ok with QMV
3. Euro, wont join unless national referenddum
4. CFSP - tied with constitutional right
1. Low inflation
2.Competition Policy
3. Organized Structure (commmunity based
4. STrong welfare tradition
5.Exaggerated commitment to human rights

Cede sovereignty to be accepted -> institutional design (avoid concentration)
1. Now more federalism
2. Favor of social advisory groups
3. Constitution ( tells Brussels what they can and cant do
Germany trade policy
Competition policy
Environmental Policy
1. free trade, less forceful than Uk, b/c like the CAP Headed by one of their own leaders
2. Competition Policy
No monopolies
3. Environmental policies
Use EU for rep for own level
race to bottom
race to the top -standards going up
Germany CAP
1. Farms ar not efficient or cheap to keep -> who gets the check

1. Route
2. High and Low Policy
1. Statist model
With germany brings re
- Influence is NV CAP ( reflects french policy - want German rates , cntrol themselves by having Eu as interference
2. Competition
Bus need to fiht one another without know inhg that they will be bailed out
3. Labour markrt
French unions make it impossible for people to fire, have to make sure they are in it for the long haul
Gut tax money for early retirement
people only work 35 hrs
Use EU for vocational security
4. Investment - social regulatory system
French CAP
Shows that the EU rl is changing
System of price supports covering about 85% of EU agriculture , designed to protect farmers against EU agriculture , alt is direct income support - whoever sells it to the
Coordinated Monetary Policy
Dutch disease+monetary policy = inflation in the 70s
90s - economy flourishes
Netherlands Interests
1Fiscal ssues in the Eu
Net contributer but want rebate like thatcher -> formed coalition
2. Opp on social policy like unemployment spending and
Barber Protocol
3> Immigration - ope tolerance but they are not integrating