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Es i
I went
Est ti
You went
Aeth e/hi
He / she went
Aethon ni
We went
Aethoch chi
You went (pl)
Aethon nhw
They went
Des i
I came
Dest ti
You came
Daeth e/hi
He / She came
Daethon ni
We came
Daethoch chi
You came (pl)
Daethon nhw
They came
Gwnes i
I did/made
Gwnest ti
You did / made
Gwnaeth e/hi
He / She did/ made
Gwnaethon ni
We did / made
Gwnaethoch chi
You did/ made (pl)
Gwnaethon nhw
They did / made
Ces i
I had
Cest ti
You had
Cafodd e/hi
He / she had
Cawson ni
We had
Cawsoch chi
You had (pl)
Cawson nhw
They had