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Cerddais i
I walked
Bwytaist ti
Prynodd e/hi/y plant
He/she /the children purchased
Dysgon ni
We learned
Canon nhw
They sang
Gweloch chi
You (pl) saw
Eisteddais i ddim
I didn't sit
Siaradaist ti ddim.
You (sg) didn't talk.
Edrychodd e/hi/y plant ddim
He / she/ the children didn't look
Ddarllenon ni ddim
We didn't read
Chymeroch chi ddim
You didn't take
Phrynon nhw ddim
They didn't buy
Ddwedais i?
Did I say?
Gyrhaeddaist ti?
Did you arrive?
Arhosodd e/hi/y plant?
Did he/ she /the children wait?
Wrandawon ni?
Did we listen?
Adawoch chi?
Did you leave?
Feddylion nhw?
Did they think?