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An example of the consequence of drug use on society is
lost work hours as a result of drug related illnesses
A person who experiences physical symptoms such as vomiting and insomnia when he or she stops taking a drug has developed a
physiological dependence
An example of a legal consequence of teen drug use is
suspending driving privileges
Morphine, codeine, and aspirin are all
What are side effects?
Your body's reaction to a medicine which depends on your body chemisitry
Cocaine is a (type of drug)
What is the drug interaction known as the synergistic effect?
one medicine strengthens the effect of another taken at the same time
What is an example of misuse of a medicine?
giving a friend one of your perscription pain relievers
A person who stops using a medicine that he or she has become chemically dependent on may suffer _______
What does marijuana effect for teens?
reproductive organs
What do inhalants depress?
the brain
What did the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990 do?
Made the nonmedical use of steroids illegal
What is the first step in getting help with a drug abuse problem?
Admitting that there is a problem
What does having an addication involve?
having both a psychological and physiological need for a drug.
Where do most inhalants go directly to?
the Brain
What is a substance other than food that can change the structure or function of the body or mind?
a drug
What are pain relievers?
What is a preparation given to prevent a person from contracting a specific disease?
a vaccine
What are drugs that speed up the central nervous system?
What are drugs that slow the central nervous system?
What are specific drugs derived from the opium plant that are obtainable only by presription?
What are drugs that alter moods, thoughts, and sense perceptions?
What are synthetic substances made to imitate the effects of narcotics and hallucinognes?
designer drugs
What is it called when medicines work together in a positive way?
additive interaction
What is it called when the effect of one medicine is canceled or reduced when taken with another medicine?
antagonistic interaction
What is smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar?
sidestream smoke
What is a cancer causing substance?
a carcinogen
What are the thickened, white, leathery-looking spots on the inside of the mouth that can develop into oral cancer?
What is the process by which the body breaks down substances?
What is the type of alcohol in alcoholic beverages?
What is the leading cause of death among teens?
Alcohol related car crashes
When carbon monoxide is present in the blood, the body's tissues and cells are deprived of...?
What is the disease when tiny air sacs in the lungs are destroyed, making breathing extremely difficult?
What are the 5 steps to achieving a goal?
1. choose a goal
2. decide who you're going to accomplish it
3. Decided how determined you are to reach it
4.decide who can help you and how
5. decided what compromises you are willing to make
this type individual is in a chronic struggle to achieve more
type a
Laid back easy going personality
type b
this type of person refuses to give up
type a/hardy
these people are commited and believe that they are in control and expect situation to be challening
type a