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What is traumatic insemination?
What kind of bug displays this action
Male puncture females body and "injects" her with his adeagus. Gay double sex insemination.
Bed bugs.
What are sole reproduction rights to female?
1)Male damsel flies remove competitors sperm from spermatheci with his scooped penis
2)Sperm packed down-dragon flies (odonata)
3)Plug/glue/break off genetalia within female-butterflies and midges
4)Sperm precedence-1st in last out, desireable to be last in
5)Fruitflies:sperm incapacitated(kills other sperm)
Satalite beetles have one advantage for copulation, what is it?
Big balls means big sperm.
What is the benefit of heterogeneity and polyandry
Many mates = more sperm compitition (heterogeneity)Survival of the fittest.
Give an example of bondage sex.
Bed bugs do it for days!
What is switch sex?
Fly lives with termites, and starts as male.
Homosexual mosquitoes?
Mosquitoes and coddling moths are known for their homosexuality.
How do Zeus bugs do it?
The same way many cockroaches do. Gland on the back for feeding.
What insect has the benefit of 2 penis'
Complex behaviours associated with nervous control increases what?
Egg survival
Females have an ovipositor, T/F?
Oviposition refers to?
oviporous egg laying, female has oviposoter
What are the two main types of brood care?
K brood care is when an species produces low numbers of offspring, maybe 3-5. Ex: Tsetseflies. R is having no brood care, such as ants and flies
What are some more frequent types of brood caring?
1. single batch of eggs
2. ephemeral or scarce resources
3. rich resources, ties into ephemeral
What is the cost of care for females?
-More likely to die protecting young (lacewings 3x more likely to die)
-guarding eggs
-can't forage nutrients (lacebugs-prevent females from caring- they produce 2x more offspring)
What is the cost of brood care for males?
Lower promiscuity, making sure that he knows he is the father,
What is an alternative to cost of brood care?
1. dump eggs into other females nests
2. remain with young until ants take over, (ants protected them because they secrete their main source of food.)
What are 2 characteristics of the Bess Beetles?
1. Subsocial
2. usually find many adults and larvae together
What is the sister group of wood cockroaches and what are characteristics?
1. Proctodeal feeding- licking of the anus. By licking the anus, the anus has endosymbionts that aid in cellulose digestion, the symbiont is collected at the anus via defication. Works with termites and Wood Cockroaches. The baby nymphs eat their shredded hindgut because that is where the symbionts are retained.
What are Belastomalids?
Giant water bugs and the males carry the eggs on their backs