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What publication covers the army weight control program?
AR 600-9
What are two primary objectives of the weight control program?
To insure that all personnel are able to meet the physical demands of their duties under combat conditions. Present a trim military appearance at all times.
What is the minimum period between weigh-ing of most personnel?
When they take the PT test or once every six months
Where are men measured for body fat?
At the neck and abdomen.
Where are women measured for body fat?
At the neck, rist, forearm and hip
What is the method for determining body fat?
The tape measurement is done three times at each site and the totals are averaged.
At what part of the wrist is the female measured?
The widest part, with arm horizontal, palm up, to the nearest .25 inch
What amount of weight loss is considered "satisfactory progress" while on the weight control program?
Three to 8 pounds per month.
What may happen if an individual must go back on the weight control program within 12 months after removal?
If no underlying or associated disease is found to be the subject of the condition, that person will be subject to separation from service.
What favorable actions are disallowed to individuals on the weight control program?
Attendance of military professional or ivilian schools. Promotions. Command positions. Reenlistment.
What is meant by the term "overweight"
An individual is considered overweight when his body fat exceeds the standards set forth in AR 600-9
Why should every soldier be physically fit regardless of age or duty assignment?
It is essential to the readiness and combat effectiveness of the army.
Whose responsibility is it for a soldier to maintain a satifactory level of physical fitness?
This responsibility is shared by each noncommissioned officer and officer/soldier and his commanding officer
how often is the army physical fitness test to be conducted?
Semi-annually for active duty soldiers, and annually for Reserve and National Guard.
What is considered a minimum passing score?
180 points
When should body fat composition be determined?
a. When the body weight exceeds the screening table weight in AR 600-9.
b. When the unit commander or supervisor determines that the individual’s
appearance suggests that he/she may be overweight.
Are soldiers removed from the weight control program after they meet the weight
standards in the screening table of AR 600-9?
No. The screening table will not be used to remove soldiers from the Weight
Control Program. A soldier must meet the body fat standards to be removed.