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What dose the stem INTRA mean?
What does the stem ARCH mean?
What does the stem BELL mean?
What does the stem TRANS mean?
What does the stem TRI mean?
A reacurring pattern of images, situations, or symbols found in mythology, religion, art, and dreams or cultures around the world is called.....
What does Malign mean?
mean, or bad
What are a few characteristics of an epic hero?
~ Unuslual Birth
~ Proves himslef on a quest
~ Has outside help

**Think Harry Potter and Gidamesh
What is anthropomorphism?
Having human or man like qualities.......

~Personality, Looks....ect
What is 1066 for english?
English started from the roots of other languages, and was writtin down cause the french conquered it.
In the two flood stories how are the two men chosen to survive?
Genisis~ Noah is liked by god (told him in person)

Upnaptishim~ told him in a dream be Ea who had an oath to Gilgamesh?
What test does Utnapishtim does Gilgamesh have to pass in order to get the secretof immortality?
Stay awake for 7 days.... he fails
What modern day country encompasses most of the area that was once "The Cradle of Civilzation"?
Give 2 reasons that area is called the Cradle of Civilzation
~ Civilization started there
~ Rivers 4 transportaion.... rich soil