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Wednesday Morning 9am 10-4 Maureen Lecture DecisionMaking and Orgainizing Care.
What else could this lecture be called?
Critical care in the nursing practice.
what is critical thinking in nursing?
critical thinking is a active organized cognitive process. We must incorportate critical thinking into our DECISION MAKING
what seperates the nurse from technical personnel?
critical thinking seperates the nurse from other workers like technical personnel! You can teach a monkey to give out meds! We will use critical thinking before we despense meds! An example of critical thinking
List the 5 steps of the nursing process?
How do we prioritize our care as nurses?
Its in Potter Perry Chpt 20 to descide what to do first.
1)1st order...immediate threat to survival
2) 2nd order...act. problems client or family ask immmediately
3) urgent care requested ex. post op complications or teaching needs
4) future needs of patient or family
what is the first order priority needs in nursing?
an immediate threat or need

Ex an obstructive airwave
an anxiety attack
Whats 2nd order priority needs?
are actual problems the patient or family have requested

Ex using the bathroom, pain, hungrey
What 3rd order priority need?
relative urgent need that the patient or family doesn't recognize?

Ex. turning a patient to prevent a bedsore
Ex. back from surgery, getting their vitals or watching for side effects from medications
4th order priority needs?
potential problems for the patient in the future.

Ex teaching for self care in the home
Would a test on these priority needs be name these in a list or more likely make us apply this information in a scenario application?
The test question would be to think out the 4 orders and think out the priorities. Ex for the test would be you have 4 patients and tell us their situations, and which one would I see first and so on!
which has first priority?

requested pain medication

dressing someone for occ. therapy who will be there in 5 minutes?
pain meds is top piority
which is higher priority?
patient 1 is high fall risk and alarm just went off

patient 2 needs a pre op shot
fal patient is priority 1
which patient has the higher priority?
patient 1 complaining of nausia
patient 2 wants to go potty
Maureen said going to the bathroom is higher piority
You have 7 or 8 tasks to perform on same patient. from 7:30 -11:00. Put them in priority.
a physical assessement
a bed bath
a vital signs
oral medications
change linens
b/fast at 8:30
(meds have a 1 hr window)
Maureen put them in this order
1) physical assessment
2) oral meds
3) b/fast at 8
4) bed bath
5) chart physical assessment
6) vital signs
7) oral meds
one more time, the nursing process has 5 parts...
a d p i e