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What is a situation?
The location of a placerelative to other places.
What is a meridian?
An arc drawn between the north and south poles.
What is a parallel?
A circle drawn around the globe parallel to the equater and at right angles to the meridians.
What is longitude?
The meridian that passes Royal Obeservatory at Greenwich,England.
What is enviromental determinism?
How the environment caused social development.
What is cultural ecology?
The georgraphic study of human environment.
What is globalization?
A force or process that involves the entire world and results in making something worldwide in scope.
What is transnational corporation?
It conducts research,operates factories and sells products in many countries.
What is epidemiologic transition?
It focuses on the distincive causes of death in each stage of demographic transistion
What is epidemiology?
It is a medical science concerned with the incidence, distribution, and control of diseases that affect a large number of people.
What is a pandemic?
A pandemic is a disease that occurs over a wide are and affects a very high proportion of the population.
TB was one of the prioncipal causes of death in the nineteenth century during the Industrial Revolution among the urban poor.
Malaria was nearly eradicated in the mid twentieth century by sparying DDT in the areas with the mosquitos carrying the parasite
Who is Thomas Malthus?
Thomas Malthus was an english economist, he was one of the first to argue that the world's population increase was far outrunning the worlds supply of food.