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837 P.C
Citizen's arrest
for felony or Misd. occurred in his presence Or Felony not in his presence
647 (b)P.C.
Prostitution (Misd.)
Solicits or engages in "sex" for money$$$ or other consideration (such as job promotion, etc)
647 (i) P.C.
Misd - Loitering, prowling or wondering on the private property of another & PEEKs inside door/wind. w/o lawful reason
647 (g) P.C
Charge when Police transport violator of 647(f) to a Detox facility for decontamination
647 (h)
Misd- Loitering, prowling or wondering on the private property of another w/o lawful reason
26 P.C
Criminal Capability
1)Idiots IQ<24
2)Accident or ignorance
4)child under 14years old
6)under threat or menace(unless death occurres)
240 P.C
Assault - Misd
Unlawful attempt
coupled w/ability
to commit violent injury on another
300 W&I
Jurisdiction of Juvenile court to protect a minor under 18 w/ risk to suffer serious physical harm
601 W&I
Minor under 18 who habitually refuses to obey proper orders of parents/guardian
602 W&I
Minor under 18 who who commits a criminal offence.