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The "bad guy" or villain; the character who places obstacles in the path of the protagonist to prevent him/her from achieving his/her goal.
Some people say the antagonist in "The Giver" is the society Jonas lives in, but in most stories it's one person.
Uneasy or nervous about a future event.
Jonas was apprehensive about the Ceremony of Twelve.
To make larger, enlarge in size, strength, or number.
If you already have your lunch packed but decide to add an apple, you are augmenting your lunch.
In theater, the act of arranging the pattern of movement that characters follow onstage.
When the director of a play tells you to walk upstage to speak a line, he or she is blocking.
The most intense and exciting point in the action of a story.
You might say that the climax of "The Giver" is when Jonas escapes.
The part of a story where the conflict is resolved; the outcome.
The denouement of "The Giver" is when Jonas reaches a town at the end of the book.
The words spoken by characters in a story or play.
It's what you say, not what you do!
The part of the stage closest to the audience.
Important characters in a scene are often placed downstage.
Dramatis Personae
A Latin term for the list of characters participating in a play.
If you are in a play, you will be included in the Dramatis Personae.
Intensely painful; unbearable; intense.
The Giver warns Jonas that his training will be excruciating.
To be attracted to a particular object; to move toward that object.
Think of the way that gravity makes things fall to the ground.
The state of being drowsy, lazy, or slow-moving.
At the end of a long day, you might feel lethargic.
To be impending or seem imminent in a threatening way; a large, distorted image glimpsed ahead.
The Ceremony of Twelve loomed before Jonas, making him anxious.
Foreboding, threatening; acting as an omen.
During Jonas' escape, the sight of planes searching for him was ominous.
Tangible; able to be perceived through the senses (smelled, touched, et cetera).
A Valentine's Day present is palpable, but love is not.
To pass into or through every part of something; to diffuse into a space.
On nacho day, the smell of hot cheese permeates the cafeteria, exciting students and making them want to go to lunch early.
The main character or "hero" of a story.
Jonas is the protagonist of "The Giver"
A long speech or discourse spoken by a character who ignores or is oblivious of his or her audience.
If I ever talk too much during class, raise your hand and say, "Ms. Lomelo, your lecture today is like a long, boring soliloquy!"
To move quietly, intending to avoid notice.
If you are sneaking around past your bedtime, you will probably move stealthily because you don't want to get caught!
The part of the stage farthest from the audience.
Less important characters or non-speaking characters might be located upstage.