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187 P.C
Murder- felony
Killing of a human being with malice
192 P.C
Manslaugher- Felony
Killing of a human being without malice
207 P.C
Kidnapping - Felony
Unlawful taking a person against his/her will
to one place to another
841 P.C
Police officer must inform
the suspect his authority and the charges against suspect
220 P.C
(F) Assault w/ intent to commit mayhen or other sex crimes
247 P.C
(F) Discharging a firearm w/malice into an NOT occupied dwelling or car
Battery committed against a Officer or a government official... on duty (MISD)
245 P.C
Assault w/ a deadly weapon
40302 C.V.C
Authority to make an arrest if one of the 4 facts are present.
e.g.failured to present ID...
246 P.C
(F) Discharging a firearm w/malice into an occupied(inhabited) dwelling or car