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Warrantless arrest by police when P.Cause of felony/or Misd. crime occured in his presence or fel. not in his presence
242 P.C.
Battery (M)
willful and unlawful
use of force
on another
459 P.C
Burglary (F)
entry w/ intent to commit theft or other crime
487 P.C.
Grand theft->take & carry away property of another w/out consent value greater than $400 or firearm/car (F)
273.5(A) P.C
Felony Domestic Violence
corporal injury inflicted upon domestic partner resulting in trauma condition
314.1 P.C
Indecent Exposure Misd.
person lewdly & willfully exposes his private parts in a public place or public view
594 (A)...P.C.
Vandalism (wobbler)
willful destroy property of another
488 P.C
Petty Theft Misd.
take & carry away property of other value equal or less $400.
647(f) P.C
Public Intoxication (Misd.)
Person w/ influence of drug/or alcohol + public place + unable for care for himself. or obstruct pathway
211 P.C
Robbery (Felony)
taking property from another's immediate presence by means of force or fear