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Where does the spinal cord begin and end
foramen magnum; btw 1st and 2nd lumbar vert
How many cord segments are there?
31: 8 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral, 1 coccygeal
Spinal meninges
Dura: outermost, tough
Arachnoid: spider-like
Pia: thin, completely surrounds and adheres to cord. Denticulate ligaments and filum terminale are extentions of pia
Subarachnoid space
btw pia and arachnoid and filled w/ cerebrospinal fluid
epidural space
btw dura and periosteum, filled with loose connective tissue, fat, and internal vertebral venous plexus
Where are the dorsal root ganglia located
Intervertebral foramen
What are the 1st branches off the spinal nerve
dorsal/ventral primary rami
How is the white matter divided
3 funiculi with subdivisions of fasciculi (tracts)
What is contained in the dorsal horns
sensory neuron cell bodies
What is contained in the ventral horns
Voluntary movement cell bodies
Lateral horns
In T1-L2, preganglionic neurons cell bodies of the sympathetic nervous system
What happens to the relative amount of white matter in the S.C. superiorly to inferiorly
It decreases
Which region/s of the SC have the most gray matter
The cervical swelling (C5-T1) and sacrolumbar swelling b/c they serve the limbs
What does the SC connect to after it passes upward through the foreman magnum
medulla oblongota
conus medullaris
tip of SC (L1-2)
cauda equina
dorsal and ventral roots that haven't yet formed a spinal nerve. Come off at S1
dural sac
ends at S2. Importance is that inside of the dura, the arachnoid mater also ends at S2
lumbar puncture
Withdrawl of cerebrospinal fluid from subarachnoid space. Done anywhere below L2 (b/c spinal cord ends)
dorsal primary rami supply ________________ (2)
deep back muscles and cutaneous nerve skin of the back
Ventral primary rami supply _______________
muscles of thorax or abdomen body wall, and also limbs
Greater occipital nerve
Primary rami of C2. Innervate back of head
area of SKIN innervated by a spinal nerve. Sensory, but the underlying muscles are sharing the same nerves
What are the 4 plexus? What type of nerve are they formed by?
Cervical, brachial, lumbar, sacral; formed only by anterior primary rami
Add'l spinal cord functions (3)
relay info to/from brain
spinal reflexes
ANS origins
Blood supply to spine
Anterior spinal artery (1)
Posterior spinal artery (2-4)
Anastomose with radicular arteries
Venous drainage
to vertebral venous plexus. Easy way for cancer cells to spread and metastasize