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4 main functions of epidermis
Protection, thermoregulation, mediation of sensation, metabolism (fat, Vita D)
List the 5 layer of the epidermis, starting at basement membrane
1) Basal layer
2) Spinous layer
3) Granular layer
4) Lucid layer
5) Cornified layer
Basal \Layer
all mitosis happens here. Hemidesmosomes anchor cells to BM
Spinous Layer
Cells shrink away from each other (during tissue processing) but remain attached to hemidesmosomes (so they look "spinous"
Granular Layer
Keratohyalin Granules are present. Cells start to flatten.
Lucid Layer
Found only in thick skin.
Cornified Layer
Layers of dried, waxy, keratinized (cornified) cells Responsible for dehydration resistance.
2 types of glands found in the dermis
Sweat (eccrine and apocrine) - have long coiled ducts that reach to epidermis; sebaceous - secrete oil into hair follicles.