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What are the shapes of Bacteria?
spherical = cocci
rods= bacilli
What are protosoans?
Unicellular eukaryotic
(pertains to the type of energy source they live on
Characteristics of Protozoans.
Inhibit water and soil. Relatively few harm but the ones tha do have significant impact ex, malaria
Life Cyle of protzoans:
asexually 1.fission
2.Budding 3.Schizogony (nucleus divides several times before the cell divides. Then creates daughter cells
Sexual production in some
Entamoeba ingestested orally (drinking water) spread through fecal matter: causes diarrah: shows up in muucus and puss in stools.
What is Giardia?
Transmitted by foods (usally erotic foods)Shows up in day care centers, affects the gall bladder.
What system does African Sleeping Sickness affect?
Affects the nervous system
What system does Chagas (american version)affect?
Affects the cardiovascular system
what is the worst case of milera and what disease does it do best with?
Source is plasmodia. THe worst case is falciparum.People with sickle cell do the best with malaria.
What is heliniths?
called worms and are relatively big microorganisms. The study of worms.
(Greatly reduced)
A disease caused by eating
undercooked meat, usally pork that contains Trichinae.
Developes in adults in the intestines and as larve in the muscles, causing intestinal disorders ema of feet, ect.
Tape Worms
In humans caused by eating uncooked beef, big ones can cause bowel obstructions
Loa Loa
contact through eyes of black flies
Schistosoma Mansoni caused Schisomeisis
Adult flukes, living in human host lay eggs which find their way into a body of water by human feces or urine