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Public Policy
Authoritive decision made by a branch of government
Conference committee
committee made up by of members from both branches of goverment
Health Policy
Public Policy related to health
Play or pay
employers provide health insurance or pay into a special fund
Single Payer System
system closed to the canadian model
Allocation tool
direct provision of income, services or good to select groups
Block Grant
Lump sums distibuted to stateson a formaula basis
Family Independant Act
extended wealfare health benefits after employment
A bill
proposed legislation
Regulatory Tools
policies thst prescribe and control behavior of a particular group
One type is tax credits issued in the hope that people will purchase health insurance
An Act
A piece of legislation after it becomes law
What is health policy? How can health policies be used as a regulatory or allocative tools?
Health policies - " the aggregate of principles , stated or unstated, that characterized the distribution of resources, services and political influences that impact on the health of population.
Regulatory tools - they call on government to prescribe and control the behavoir of a particular target group by monitoring it and imposing sanctions of need be.
Allocative tools- indirect provsion of income, services or goods to certain groups or institituions distributive or redistributive
What is the process of legislative health policy in the U.S?How is this process related to the principal features of US health policy?
Describe the critical poicy issues related to access to care, cost of care, and quality of care.
Access - Providers, public financing, Elderly Minorities,rural areas, low income, AIDS
Cost of care- We have the most advacned technology well trained specialists, but it all amounts to most expensive and costly healthcare in the world
Quality of care-
What do you think the future of health policy will look like in the United States?