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what independent variable is the best predictor of occupational status?
*access to education differs by class*
what are the 3 ways that the educational system helps to reproduce the existing patterns of social stratification
1. unequal funding of schools(through property tax)
2.testing and tracking(poor kids test worse on standard testing then wealthy kids)
3.self fulfilling prophecy(expect nothing, get nothing)
Are people more likely to experience upward social mobility within a single generation, or across generations
accross generations- ppl transfer wealth to their children in ways such as education, not necessarily $
what do sociologists mean by the term "cultural capital"
widely shared, high status cultural signals-food, cars, clothes, etc.
how is the poverty rate calculated
% of ppl living below the poverty threshold. makes less than 3x the food budget
what is meant by the phrase the feminization of poverty
women living alone with children have the highest chance of being poor
the greatest number of poor ppl belong to what race
white-> 63% of all poor children are white
people of what race have the least chance of being poor
white-> of all white children, only 15% are poor
what was william Julius wilson's challenge to the common belief that the poor are to blame for their own povery
poverty is a structural result of opprotunity structres
what was the ideology that max weber believed lies beneath the belief that the poor are to blame for their own poverty
protestant Ethic- wealthy are blessed; sore intrinsic factor; poor deserve poverty b/c something intrinsic in their souls *deviant*
what are the 3 sectors of the economy and how do they correspond to the three historical revolutions in the history of human labor
see the notes!!!
what are the 3 stages of labor market development
1. initial proletarianization/creation of working class
2. labor homogenization/jobs became increasinly mechanical and deskilled
3.labor market segmentation/ labor market has split b/t high pay with a lot of education and low paying w/little education
what are the 3 barriers that prevent secondary labor workers from moving up into the primary labor market?
1. not very many entry level positions in 1* labor market
2.class (1* labor market:ppl share social ties)
what effect does union membership seem to have on social mobility
trumps gender and race/when looking at state of income, women in union will make more $ than white males not in union)
what is the difference b/t capitalist and socialist view of private property
capitalist-prosperity is privately owned
socialist- prosperity is collectively owned and controlled
what is the difference b/t capitalist and socialist view of profit
capitalist- motive of business is profit
socialist- collective goals are pursued. universal health care and education etc. profit is seen as no good
what is the difference b/t teh capitalist and socialist view of the market
capitalist-gov. allows free market to regulate itself (theoretically)

socialist- centrally controlled(communism) economy is completely controlled and regulated by the government
what is the difference b/t the capitalist and socialist view of competition
capitalist- justice is defined by the market.competition is basic good. so are profit winnings

socialist- everybody's needs should be filled. someone should not win and make someone else lose
which economic ideology tends to be held by labor supporters and which by those who oppose unionization
capitalist- free market ideology

socialist- socialist ideology
what was the effect of the rapid globalization of the economy on the US labor market during the 1980's
-factories moved overseas
-high paying union jobs decreased
-used cheap nonunion labor
what is labor market segmentation
large # of working class ppl shifted downwards to 2* jobs

Good jobs for educated only.